Thursday, 10 March 2011

The Royal Wedding

At present my agency represents 12 publishers. Out of these, 5 of them are publishing something about the Royal Wedding, or re-printing something revamped with a Royal wedding feel to it. It's hilarious.
What's even more hilarious is what I found today on the Penguin website though:

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Isn't this a little too much? Why, with all the cutlery, tea sets and underpants, you'd think that publishing would actually create reasonable products for this occasion! But this? 
As a marketing person I see the point of milking the cow as much as possible, but at the same time, I don't know how many copies this title could actually sell. It's funny and all, but would I honestly spend my money on it? I doubt it. Would I buy it for somebody else? Hardly. So, who's this book/product market for?
Isn't one of the main marketing rules to examine the market and look for products which will actually found their specific niche? What's the niche of this product?
Another really fun book on the topic is this:

Yes. The Royal comic book. 

I can see the point of this. This is a collectable item from a very famous publishing house, Blue Water Comics, which creates these comics based on famous artists and series. They've covered artists such as Beyonce, and Lady Gaga, and TV series like Glee. So why not? If you're a collector, or you're into comic books, then this is your cup of tea!
I wonder if the collectibility of this one-off occasion products is what makes the Dress-up Dolly Book marketable.
Forbidden Planet in London went for it as well, with a Royal Wedding -themed party focusing around the release of yet another graphic novel:

I think William's hair looks shopped. I mean he's half bold anyway!

Forbidden Planet will also be selling two one-off commemorative copies of William Windsor: A Very Public Prince and Kate Middleton: A Very Private Princess

I'm baffled.

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