Monday, 28 November 2011

(publishing) Christmas Presents Ideas

I'm browsing on-line for Christmas presents, I need to buy gifts for a lot of people, since my family is quite big and ever-growing, but thanks goodness (!?) I don't have too many close friends!
I'm always looking for quirky presents, I hate the usual ones (perfumes, t-shirts...), unless they have a nice, creative twist on them. Some presents like books and scents are in my opinion too personal and I usually stir away from them.
Anyhow, found a few lovely publishing-related gifts I'd like to share with all my geek pals out there!
They're cute things that I think would be great for Office Secret Santa (the cheaper ones, of course), and also for other random occasions!
I'd just like to point out that I haven't been paid to show this stuff, they're just gift ideas I've found around!

First of all, a lot of Mugs!!
Library Mug - £10

For the co-worker who's always too busy to make tea!

For the Penguin Classic fans

For hardcore fans of cute sticky notes (I'm one!) Here are the cutest!

Pure Genius!

<3 I want these!

Lovely Bookplates from Etsy

Absolutely love this, a cook book stand, that looks more like a witch's spells book holder! 
My mum would love this!

For the colleague who always forgets things!!

For my girly, nerdy friend...

Love this book, have a copy myself!

We all need this at work!

For your Apple-addict and literary friend

SO cute, especially because I love Moleskine!

Ahem, I really need one of these!